BTF National Coloured Belt Seminar with GM Hwang


Making History
BTF National Coloured Belt Seminar with Grand Master  Hwang Ho Yong


 The BTF hosted the first of their National Coloured Belt Seminars - which was a huge success. We host many seminars & training opportunities for Black Belts, and coloured Belts often get overlooked. Today, the BTF remedied this by offering a 1-Day seminar under GM Hwang Ho Yong, and assisted by the BTF’s GM Wayne Brownand Master James Kessler. The seminar was enjoyed by all, with students gaining knowledge directly from the Grand Master! It was refreshing to see so many adult coloured belts training together. We are now looking forward to our next event: The BTF Birmingham Open Championships next month! A special thank you must go to Mrs. Dorine Brown for all her hard work in organising this fantastic event!